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「 テゴマスのラブ 。。。」

「 Come one! Love! ABO love! 。。。」

~*~ Rock Princess ~*~
18 December 1989
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  • setsuna_31@livejournal.com

Medical Student slash Fangirl:

Hi~! Lara desu!! A fan of anime, manga, Jpop, Jrock, jdrama and everything related on Japan!! A student of Perpetual Help College of Manila, taking up and studying Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Incoming 3rd year this school year. I'm a student slash fangirl.

Johnny's Entertainment is my addiction, its my fandom!!! NEWS is my ichiban for the group!! Kato Shigeaki and Masuda Takahisa of NEWS and Ohkura Tadayoshi of Kanjani8 are my Ichiban, I really do love them a lot. Shige's works and writings inspires me too much to work hard on my studies. And Massu is my cute little buta, his cold, sweet voice tantalizes me and his addiction with food is cute~ Ohkura is the drummer of Kanjani8, he's the very first hot drummer that I ever saw in my life as a music lover!!!

I write fanfics especially JE and co-JE as a pair. I have a fanfiction Journal. Just go directly here. butanorabu

I’m still keep in touch to my other fandom, tenimyu. I miss Kamakari Kenta, wish to have a lot of jdramas of him. I’ll watch it. D-BOYS!!! Shiropon graduated already~! TT____TT

I really love to meet people, especially the people who have the same interest just like mine.

Along with this LJ, I currently used it for my fangirling needs so, my post would be a flailing Journal or a Rant, please bear with me. T____T

My LJ is open for friends only, please comment on the Friends Only post for adding. ^____^

Anime, Yaoi, manga, Jdorama, fanfictions, musics, Johnny’s Entertainment, NEWS, Kanjani∞, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Kato Shigeaki, Masuda Takahisa, Okura Tadayoshi, Maruyama Ryuhei, Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Uchi Hiroki, Kusano Hironori, Yasuda Shota, Sakurai Sho, Ninomiya Kazunari, Taguchi Junnosuke, Nakamaru Yuichi, Ueda Tatsuya, Ikuta Toma, Takaki Yuya, Arioka Daiki, Nakajima Yuto, Aragaki Yui, YUI, Toda Erika

Johnny’s Entertainment:
NishiKato, TegoPi, TaDaiki (Takaki x Arioka), MassuPi, RyoKura, OkuraShige, ShigeDa, JunDa, OkaJima
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